Blue Horseshoe Loves…Week 30

(Ed: Yes, we’ve not been good with this part of the blog…hoping we’ll find more time going forward)

…There’s hope for the more ‘horizontally challenged’. You can stop counting calories. Problem is you have to stop eating French fries too.

…Scott Adams (of ‘Dilbert’ fame) on how to tax the rich.

Stormannsgalskap. A Norwegian word meaning the ‘the madness of great men’. It is related to penis envy, and explains a lot.

Memento Mori. One way of dealing with that particular madness. When in Rome…

Chinese crumbling infrastructure. We have commented before on potential problems in Chinese infrastructure. Seems things are worse than we feared. See, all that glimmers is not gold in those Chinese hills.

A lucid post from a serious man on the US debt ceiling debate.

Taking on the elite by bidding for drilling rights in protected wilderness. Alas, the result is depressingly as expected.

A commodity run? Raises some interesting supply problems with common commodities.

Mass psychosis. Old, but good report on madness and power of big Pharma.

interview with Michael Hudson. Long, but important issues raised. One to sit down with some wine and a healthy dose of scepticism to ‘Status Quo’. And no, not the band.

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